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Yearbook Fundraisers is offering an exciting and unique school fundraiser — TreeRing Yearbooks.

To help raise money for your school, you can add any fundraiser amount to the price of each book. This way for every book sold, your school is making money, with absolutely zero cost or commitment from the school!

In the News: In an article posted on, May 28, 2013, TreeRing creator, Aaron Greco is quoted: "People still want printed things, but they need to be curated — they need to be valuable," says Greco. In addition to letting kids add their own custom pages to their yearbooks, TreeRing also adds social–networking features, for instance, kids can offer testimonials and even "sign" each other's pages before the book is printed." In this way, Greco sees TreeRing's books as the perfect yearbook for the digital age. Read the full article entitled "Most Likely to Succeed. The school yearbook business is a scandal. Here's how to fix it."

Yearbook Fundraiser

  • You Determine the profit
  • No Money Upfront
  • Zero Minimum Order
  • Zero Collecting Monrey for Books Ordered
  • Zero Photo Limits
  • Two Customized Pages Per Person
  • Four Week Turnaround
  • A tree is planted when a yearbook is sold
  • Most Social Yearbook Ever

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