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Sports Fundraising Groups is dedicated to helping school athletic/sport programs raise the funds for field trips, equipment, or uniforms. We have partnered with lots of athletic programs all over the states. With the current budget constraints affecting all athletic programs, let us be your fundraising partner to make up the difference and more!

Each sports group has its own timeline and attributes in terms of gaming schedules, field trips, fundraising activities or the group size. For example, softball teams tend to do Spring fundraisers from April to June and have 10-20 members in general. Football teams tend to have 50-100 people and fundraise anywhere from January through June.

We track the trends among all sport groups we are working with to always offer the best fundraising package for your group.

Group Benefits

  • Over a dozen different fundraising programs to choose from
  • Up to 50% profit
  • Order forms, color brochures, classroom envelopes and collecting envelopes are all free of charge
  • Products will be delivered 2 – 3 weeks after order is placed
  • Incentives: prize programs, teacher rewards, participation gifts
  • Free shipping when the minimal requirement is met
  • Free online selling/tracking tools

Sports Fundraising

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Youth Sports Fundraisers
Sports Fundraisers are a different breed than school fundraisers. Sports fundraisers tend to be more seasonal and have a more focused initiative. The fact is that many youth sports organizations have limited or no government funding so their survival depends on fundraisers. It is imperative that the fundraiser succeeds because there's a limited fundraising window available for sports teams. Once the season is over, the window closes. So sports organizations must strike while the iron is hot!. works with hundreds of sports organizations each year. Below are some tips to help your youth sports fundraiser succeed. See more

Baseball Fundraising
We know it's not always easy to find a successful fundraising idea.  Sometimes baseball coaches are looking to find ways to raise funds in order to purchase new equipment, or end of the season gifts for the players.  Running one of our fundraisers is an easy and effective way to raise the funds necessary to supply teams with monetary freedom. See more

Football Fundraising

Score your fundraising touchdown! Football is a sport that is filled with both team members and spectators.  Whether a younger football team, high school, or a college team, there is always a need to raise funds to help support the team's efforts. See more

Raising Spirits and Funds for Cheerleading Groups
From tryouts to camp, the dog days of summer for most middle and high school cheerleaders are spent revamping old hurrahs and creating new routines in preparation for the upcoming year.  Responsibilities regularly extend beyond practice to competitions, sporting events and community service. As one of the notoriously underfunded sports, many times their primary concern is to raise funds to cover the associated costs of participation.  In some instances, cheerleaders may be responsible for raising upwards of a thousand dollars every year! See more

Fundraising for Small Groups
Small groups, big goals.
The size of your group has a huge impact on deciding on your ideal fundraising program. Even if you are part of a small group, that doesn't mean you don't have big goals. Small groups can be just as effective as large groups when they chose the right product. The ideal campaigns for small groups are ones that take advantage of every participant's efforts. See more

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