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School Fundraising Groups works with elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, preschools, private schools, home schools, school clubs, school bands, day cares and others.

Depending on which group you belong to, we will recommend the best fundraising package for you. For example, if you run an elementary school-wide fundraiser, for playgrounds or general equipment, you may want to look at prize programs more carefully instead of asking for higher profit. In our experience, a good prize program can highly increase participation rate and thus help your group achieive more sales to compensate for the lost profit percentage (5% in average).

If you belong to a school band or 5th or 6th grade group, musical instruments or class field trips have been a strong incentive so you may want to ask for a higher profit with no prize program.

Another special school group would be sport clubs, such as basketball, baseball, football and so on. They do fundraising for equipment, travel or uniforms. The best fundraising program for sports groups would be candy bars because they sell extremely well on field when morale is up.

We will customize our fundraising package to maximize the fundraising results based upon the attributes of your groups. Don't wait and let us help you get started.

Group Benefits

  • Over a dozen different fundraising programs to choose from
  • Up to 50% profit
  • Order forms, color brochures, classroom envelopes and collecting envelopes are all free of charge
  • Products will be delivered 2 – 3 weeks after order is placed
  • Incentives: prize programs, teacher rewards, participation gifts
  • Free shipping when the minimal requirement is met
  • Free online selling/tracking tools

School Fundraising Groups

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Finding the right fundraiser for high school groups is not an easy thing to do. Motivating a high school student to participant in a fundraiser is an even harder thing to do. High school fundraisers are a different animal compared to the fundraisers run by the middle and elementary schools. The main difference is that the fundraisers are not run by a parent organization such as a PTA or PTO. The students run these fundraisers, so relying on the parents to be the driving force of these fundraisers is unrealistic. See more

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School Plant-a-thon
Spring is the season for planting, gardening, and landscaping. With more hours of daylight, new growth, and a time of renewal…people are in fresh spirits and willing to lend a helping hand…hence the perfect time for a spring fundraiser such as a school plant-a-thon (a fun variation of a school walk-a-thon event).  Not only is a plant-a-thon a great way to raise money for your cause, it's also a great way to teach students about giving back to their community and the environment. See more

School Fundraising Products
If you have found our website and are reading our blog, chances are you found us because you are searching for fundraising ideas. As you can see by a basic Google search, there are thousands of fundraising products available. The challenge is finding quality fundraising programs and determining the right fundraiser for your group. Unfortunately, there are sub-standard fundraising products that are being marketed to schools. We want to help you avoid these programs. Below are some tips to help your group find the right program and  high quality fundraising ideas. See more

Summertime School Online Fundraising Campaigns
As the school year wraps up, many end-of-year school parties are approaching.  End of year parties bring students, parents and teachers together in one setting to celebrate the closing of another successful school year. Why not use your end of year party as a platform to announce a summer fundraiser?   Any time you draw in a large crowd, it provides you with an excellent opportunity to reach a large audience.  And all of the guests attending your party are people who are already invested in your school.  See more

Teacher Incentives for School Fundraising
You have selected a great company to partner with you on your upcoming fundraiser! Check! You have found a sales representative that has a proven track record! Check! You have selected a fun and exciting incentive program for the students! Check! You have brought in chocolates from the catalog, or cooked up some cookies from the cookie dough brochure for the office staff! Check! You have a motivational, fun assembly for the students! Check! The teachers who had to take time away from classes, bring the students to the assembly, and will probably be the ones to hand the packets out at the end of the day….have you done anything for them?... See more

Fundraising for PTA or PTO Groups
We've all been in situations where we were the newbies in the room.  A new school, a new job or a new club.  Walking into a room full of strangers can be a frightening and intimidating experience for many of us.  School parent groups are no exception.  It can be rough.  We've been to thousands of parent group meetings over the years and have seen it all. See more

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