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"We could not believe how easy the magazine sale was. Or should I say "is" because it's an ongoing fundraiser for us!"
- Class Advisor, South Carolina

"We were so tired of brochure sellers. This was the perfect alternative. There was no selling needed on our part. We just created the online store and the sales just started rolling in."
-Preschool Director, New York

"The magazine selection was huge. This was a very easy program to promote to the parents. We raised over $1200 and still counting."
- Middle School Teacher, Kansas

Online Fundraisers

Some of our vendors offer online fundraising programs you can utilize while doing catalog fundraisers. We have seen the trend that online fundraising sales have been growing in recent years, especially for out-of-town friends & family. Online Fundraising programs not only perform well for large groups aligned with catalog fundraisers, but also work for small groups who do online sales solely.

Meet your fundraising goals without leaving home! Offer your friends, family and neighbors an easy online shopping experience...and you get the credit for every purchase. It's just that easy. Contact us and we will help you set up your online fundraising campaign.

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