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Non-Profit Fundraising Groups is dedicated to helping different non-profit groups raise the funds for performances, equipment, instruments and so on. We have partnered with lots of non-profit groups all over the states. With the current economic situation, let us be your fundraising partner to make up the difference and more!

Each non-profit fundraising group has its own timeline and attributes in terms of performance schedules, field trips, fundraising activities or the group size. For example, bands or orchestra groups have lots of festivals in spring and might have 50-100 members in general. Youth groups tend to have less than 10 people and fundraise for supporting church activities.

We keep up-to-date on all the trends among non-profit groups we are working with to offer the best fundraising package for your group.

Group Benefits

  • Over a dozen different fundraising programs to choose from
  • Up to 50% profit
  • Order forms, color brochures, classroom envelopes and collecting envelopes are all free of charge
  • Products will be delivered 2 – 3 weeks after order is placed
  • Incentives: prize programs, teacher rewards, participation gifts
  • Free shipping when the minimal requirement is met
  • Free online selling/tracking tools

Non-Profit Fundraising

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