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All Fundraising Groups

All Fundraising Groups is dedicated to bring the best fundraising groups to fulfill our customers' need.

School Groups


Preschools today are growing at an impressive rate, along with the costs of funding these programs. Preschools need the adequate funds to purchase books, school supplies, playground equipment and hiring additional staffing. See more

Elementary school

Elementary schools and fundraisers are practically synonymous. Field trips, playground updates, classroom improvements, computer upgrades, special events, etc. There are so many worthy causes that school needs to fundraise for. See more

Middle school

Middle schools are always looking for new ways to raise money. Budgets are tight these days, but schools are still trying to keep all of the programs the community is accustomed to: sports, field trips, art, after-school groups, theater programs, musical concerts, etc. See more

High School

Traditional fundraising companies designed their programs to appeal to the elementary school market, long ignoring the needs of high schools. Here at, we recognize the importance of raising funds at every level. In fact, we found that without fundraising, many of the high school groups we work with wouldn't exist. See more

College is thrilled to be working with college groups across the country. We work with all types of campus organizations: fraternities, sororities, athletics, environmental groups, student government and many others. See more

Private School

Fundraising is not only for public schools anymore. Tuition, room & board, books, uniforms, etc. The costs of a private school education are rising on a yearly basis. Many schools are turning to fundraising to keep their extracurricular activities alive See more


Parent teacher associations have been helping schools succeed for over a century. They have also run fundraisers in the community for decades. Working with teachers and school administrators, PTA's are the vital link between the parents and the school. See more


Parent teacher organizations are the parental backbone of the school community. School PTO provides the extra needed support that school needs. PTO groups help buy schoolbooks & supplies, playground equipment and even hiring additional teachers. Fundraisers make this support possible. See more

Head Start

We are proud of the organizations we work with. There are so many worthy groups and causes we have helped over the years. We have to put the early childhood organizations at the top of this list. The work they do is simply incredible. See more

Charter Schools

Charter schools are sprouting up throughout the country. This educational model is catching on. Since many of these schools are new, the need to raise funds is essential. See more


At, we realize the effort and involvement it takes in home schooling your children. You want to provide them with every educational opportunity available. Many times, the services available to large schools are not available to parents who home school their children. See more

Montessori School

Montessori schools are special in nature where they focus building on interests, nurturing enthusiasm and making activities available to fit individual needs. And we also realize the high costs involved with many of the programs offered. See more

Sports Groups

Booster Clubs

Booster clubs are the lifeline of school sports. There is only so much that is covered in the school budget. To go the extra mile, teams rely on the parents and the rest of the community to step up their support. Fundraisers are needed in many cases to help teams reach their goals. Uniforms, equipment, travel expenses, tournament fees are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to costs involved. See more


Cheerleading is not a sport? How dare you say that! Cheerleading is one of the most popular sports in the country. From school squads to competitive gyms to drill teams and even profession teams, we work with them all. In fact, the costs associated with cheer squads are some of the most significant that we've seen. Uniforms, accessories, equipment, travel expenses, tournament fees and just a few of the costs. See more


Football is the most popular spectator sport in the country for a reason! It is exciting to watch and play. But it's an expensive sport to run as well. Uniforms, equipment, field maintenance, competition fees and travel are just the start. In every level of the sport, from youth leagues though college, the operational costs are significant. See more


Its no wonder soccer (futbol) is the world's most popular sport. Kids (and adults) of all ages are involved with organized leagues. From youth leagues to competitive travel teams, we work with them all. See more


Baseball, America's favorite pastime. Children of all ages are involved with organized teams and leagues. From youth leagues to school teams to adult rec. leagues, we work with them all. See more


From Youth Leagues to Recreational Leagues to AAU teams, we work with them all. We understand the costs that basketball organizations face. Uniforms, travel, tournament fees....nothing is cheap these days. See more


Serve, set and spike, get your fundraiser started today. We are thrilled to work with thousands of sport teams and leagues though out the country. See more

Pop Warner

For many, the love of football starts at a young age. And who can blame these kids? Especially with the amount of equipment needed to ensure the safety of the children. Throw in the costs for uniforms, travel, competition fees, etc. and the operational costs sky rocket. But we are here to help. See more

Little League

Does your youth baseball team have dreams winning the state championship? We are always updating and adding new programs. Our catalogs are pre-sale brochure programs where there is no financial risk to run the program. See more


Fast pitch? Slow pitch? What ever your speed is, we are thrilled to work with softball teams and leagues throughout the country. New uniforms, bats, balls, gloves, travel expenses, tournament fees...we understand the costs associated with softball teams. See more


It's no wonder why youth hockey programs are on the rise in this country. It's a great sport with a very passionate fan base. But it's not a cheap sport, that's for sure. Equipment, travel expenses, uniforms and ice time at the skating rink are just some of the expenses team can incur. See more


Grapple and maneuver to support your team. Our programs are designed to work for sporting clubs of all sizes.
Wresting teams are an ideal fit for our fundraisers. With over two dozen products to choose from, your team is sure to find the right program. Our pre-sale brochures are hassle-free and there is no financial risk to run the program. See more

Non-Profit Groups


Pep rallies, sporting events and parades are just a few of the places the band will play a prominent role. They are the epicenter of school spirit and the representative of the school. We work with many bands that even have national exposure. Our clients have marched in the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City and the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, CA. See more

Daycare/Child Care

Daycares and child care centers are a vital part of the community. We are honored to work with child care centers throughout the country. Our programs are designed to work with groups of all ages. And we know at this age, it is the parents who are the one doing the fundraising. See more


We recently worked with a school choir that was planning a trip to Rome. They were invited to sing at a prestigious concert, but the cost was over $20,000 for the entire trip. We've never worked with a more determined group. The kids were set on going, so they were really aggressive in their fundraising efforts. See more

Music Programs

Singing Groups, Choirs, Bands, Concerts, Theater Productions, if it has to do with music, we have a program to help your group. We work with many organizations that travel extensively to perform. There are significant costs involved for these groups. See more


We support the mission of youth scouting programs. These are wonderful outlets for our children that teach them responsibility and character. And we understand the costs that these troops face in this economy. Many groups use our programs to help subsidize the costs that fall on the parents' shoulders. See more


Dance studios, ballet classes, competitive teams, hip hop groups, jazz teams...we work with them all. Our fundraisers work for all types of dance groups and they're very easy to run. Looking to raise funds for a recital or competition? Or maybe set decorations of equipment? We realize the costs of running a dance organization these days and we are here to help. See more

School Clubs takes pride in all of the smaller school groups we work with. Other companies tend to focus on the school-wide fundraisers, but we know it's the smaller school clubs are the ones that need to raise funds the most. See more

Art Clubs

We've had many successful endeavors working with Art Classes and Art Schools. Art supplies are not cheap these days and many groups are in need of financial assistance to maintain their programs. See more


We don't have to tell anyone associated with theater groups this high cost of operating. Set design, costumes, advertising, promotions, lighting, sound goes on and on. Here at, we are big theater buffs. We are thrilled to do our part in helping groups raise the funds they need to make their productions a reality. See more

Youth Group

Youth groups provide kids with experience that will be with them a lifetime. We have dozens of products that work great for churches and youth organizations. See more

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