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All Fundraising programs is dedicated to bring the best fundraising programs to fulfill our customers' need.

Mega Shoppers — Cherrydale Simply Spring

Cherrydale Simply Spring is a mega brochure for spring fundraisers. It offers over 100 fundraising items for your parents and community to choose from. Most fundraising groups choose "Cherrydale Simply Spring" as their spring fundraiser because a wide variety of products is perceived as higher value. See more

Flower Bulbs — Spring Gardens

Our Spring Gardensfundraiser is an eco-friendly fundraising program for schools, churches, and clubs. Our Spring Gardens fundraiser is an easy, self-selling, and unique way to raise money for your organization. If your community is eco-friendly aware, then the Spring Gardens fundraiser will be your best choice. See more

Chocolates, Nuts, Snacks & Mixes — Snackin' In America

Snackin' In America is not only an alternative to chocolate bar fundraisers, but also a healthier selection. Compared to chocolate bar fundraisers, our nuts & snacks fundraiser offers a wider variety of selection to capture different tastes from your supporters. See more

Jewelry — Galleria

Raise funds while helping more than just your organization! A wide array of jewelry styles will liven up your fundraising efforts and with the free gift card, help women in need. Pair with a food program and see your profits soar. See more

Chocolates, Nuts, Snacks & Mixes — Hometown Favorites

If your organization finds it impossible to sell frozen food, or if you just want to add great selling food to a gift program, "Hometown Favorites" is a savory solution. Meats, cheeses, chocolates, confections and dry mixes make this offering a must-have where frozen food delivery is inconvenient, but great taste is required. See more

Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough

Otis Spunkmeyer is world-famous for its delicious cookie dough, and we deliver it nationwide! Cookie dough proves itself as a highly profitable fundraising option year after year. Always a top seller – guaranteed! Start your Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraiser today. See more

Otis Spunkmeyer and more

We distribute Otis Spunkmeyer’s world-famous cookie dough nationwide for high-profit fundraisers! This brochure also includes delicious cakes, pies and other desserts, plus savory favorites. Start your successful Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraiser today. See more

Cookie Dough — David's Cookie

Fundraising trends come and go, but the most reliable fundraiser the past two decades has been cookie dough, and there's no sign of this trend changing anytime soon. Cookie dough has consistently been a top seller since the early 90's. The simple answer is that everyone loves cookies! It appeals to every demographic across the board. See more

Frozen Shoppers - Auntie Anne's

Pretzel fundraising program is a great alternative to pizzas or snacks. If you have a community of pretzel-lovers or full of busy families, pretzel fundraising might be the right choice for your organization. See more

Frozen Shoppers — Krista's Gourmet Favorites

Krista's Gourmet Favorites provides the most abundant selection of frozen food including 12 categories. If you are not sure what kinds of frozen food your community may like, Krista's wide variety will surely please everyone! See more

Frozen Shoppers - Zap A Snack

Everyone loves eating pizza! Our pizza fundraising program is quick and easy to sell because it is microwaveable and comes in four popular flavors. If your community is pizza-lovers, Zap-A-Snack will definitely be your fundraising choice. See more

Chocolate & Candy Bars - Almond Bars

Chocolate candy bar fundraiser is the easiest fundraising program to sell, especially for school-wide groups, sports, bands, or any event fundraiser.  Our almond chocolate bars use the highest quality ingredients and our own recipes that have been widely accepted in the marketplace. Our Chocolate Perfection bars are packed in convenient carry cases with money slot. Leave them on the counter and watch them fly! See more

Chocolate & Candy Bars - Assorted Variety

Chocolate Candy Bar fundraiser is the easiest fundraising program to sell, especially for school-wide groups, sports, bands, or any event fundraiser.  Chocolate candy bar will help you save time on order taking or delivering. Also, you can save time and energy on distributing brochures and collect money instantly. See more

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