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Fundraising Tax Information

Tax Fundraising Ideas

Due to ever-changing tax laws, rates and legislation, we are unable to list your groups’ fundraising tax rate. We strongly suggest consulting with an experienced professional on tax related matters. We have gathered some resources below that may be of use when researching the tax issues facing your group.

Association of Distributors & Suppliers / Multi-State Tax Commission - This web site is designed to assist  non-profit organizations and fundraising companies in determining the sales and use tax implications, if any, resulting from product fundraising drives. The goal is to provide a publicly-accessible clearinghouse of information about the States' provisions, practices and procedures related to the transactional taxation of fundraising sales, products and organizations.

United State Internal Revenue Service: Frequently Asked Questions About Applying for Tax Exemption – A comprehensive review of the tax exemption process by the Federal government.

Taxes, PTOs, and the IRS. Get the scoop on 501(c)(3). (source: PTO Today) - Just because your group acts like a nonprofit, doesn’t mean it’s automatically exempt from taxes. Obtaining tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) involves a fairly lengthy application process.

NonProfit Glossary and Tax Exempt Terms (source: – A rundown of frequently used terms regarding non-profit tax issues.

State Tax Agencies. Below is the appropriate agency in each state that can further assist in tax-related concerns, including exemption matters.

Alabama - Department of Revenue

Alaska - Department of Revenue

Arizona- Department of Revenue

Arkansas - Department of Finance and Administration

California - State Board of Equalization

Colorado - Department of Revenue

Connecticut - Department of Revenue Services

Delaware  - Division of Revenue

Florida - Department of Revenue

Georgia - Department of Revenue

Hawaii - Department of Taxation

Idaho - State Tax Commission

Illinois - Department of Revenue

Indiana - Department of Revenue

Iowa -Department of Revenue and Finance

Kansas -Department of Revenue

Kentucky -Revenue Cabinet–Online Taxpayer Service Center

Louisiana -Department of Revenue

Maine -Revenue Services

Maryland - Comptroller of Maryland

Massachusetts - Department of Revenue

Michigan -Department of Treasury

Minnesota Department of Revenue

Mississippi - Tax Commission

Missouri - Department of Revenue

Montana - Department of Revenue

Nebraska - Department of Revenue

Nevada  - Department of Taxation

New Hampshire - Department of Revenue Administration

New Jersey - Division of Taxation

New Mexico - Taxation and Revenue

New York - Department of Taxation & Finance

North Carolina - Department of Revenue

North Dakota - State Tax Department

Ohio - Department of Taxation

Oklahoma - Tax Commission

Oregon - Department of Revenue

Pennsylvania  - Department of Revenue

Rhode Island - Division of Taxation

South Carolina - Department of Revenue

South Dakota - Department of Revenue

Tennessee - Department of Revenue

Texas  - Window on State Government–Texas Taxes

Utah - State Tax Commission

Vermont - Department of Taxes

Virginia  - Department of Taxation

Washington Department of Revenue

Washington D.C. - Office of Tax and Revenue

West Virginia  - Department of Revenue

Wisconsin - Department of Revenue

Wyoming - Department of Revenue