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Fundraising Promotion

Fundraising Ideas - PromotionsGetting the word out about your fundraiser is a challenge. You are competing with other groups in your community and many times you have limited resources to assist you in your promotional efforts. Below is a list of resources and articles on fundraising promotion that may help.

Top 10 Recommended Promotional Tools

  1. Parent Letters 
  2. Kick-offs
  3. Newsletter Announcement
  4. Email Blasts
  5. On-Site Event Tables
  6. Posters
  7. Local Media Coverage
  8. Social Media Pages
  9. Daily PA Announcements
  10. Phone Campaigns

Articles Related to Fundraising Promotion

Tips on Promoting a Fundraiser - As anyone who has ever run a fundraiser can tell you, the most important factor in determining the success of a fundraiser, is how well the fundraiser is promoted. Everything else can be executed perfectly, but if the fundraiser in not promoted properly, the chances of success are slim. Fundraising organizers must use every resource available to them to get the word out to the entire community about the fundraiser. Below are essential tools in successful fundraising promotion. Click here for fundraising promotion tips.

Tips on getting media coverage for your fundraiser - So your fundraiser is up and running. Now what? Now it's time to promote, promote, promote! You need to do what you can to get the word out to your community about your fundraiser. It's great to promote your fundraiser throughout the school, but you also must think bigger. You should develop a plan to promote your fundraiser to your entire community, and even surrounding communities. If your cause is worthwhile, people will want to support it. Click here to read about fundraising publicity tips.

Parent Letters Tips and Samples - Keeping parents informed about your school's fundraising activities is a must. There are many opportunities for a school to communicate with parents throughout the year: parent-teacher conferences, school events, morning and afternoon pick up, etc. But the most effective way to communicate the specifics of a fundraiser (mission statement, selling dates, pick up dates, product details, etc.) is through a fundraising parent letter. Click here for tips in writing fundraising parent letters.

How to develop a Fundraising Mission Statement - One of the main components of running a successful fundraiser is getting your message across to your supporters. There's a reason your group is raising funds and the reason needs to be clearly conveyed to your community. You're likely to get more support for your fundraising if your message is understood. That's why your group should develop a "Fundraising Mission Statement". Click here for tips on developing a fundraising mission statement.

Tips For High School Fundraisers - Finding the right fundraiser for high school groups is not an easy thing to do. Motivating a high school student to participant in a fundraiser is even harder! High school fundraisers are a different animal compared to the fundraisers run by the middle and elementary schools. The main difference is that the fundraisers are not run by a parent organization such as a PTA or PTO. Click here for high school fundraising tips.
Additional Online Resources

22 Ways To Promote Your Fundraising Event (source: Razoo Social) Deciding that you want to hold a fundraising event and actually making that happen are two far distant ends of the same spectrum. A lot goes into planning an event, beginning with where it will be held, what the goals will be, how many people you are hoping to have and carrying on into how you will feed the people, how you will entice them, and how you will pay for everything. In the hustle and bustle of all of that activity, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed when you're reminded that you need to also promote the fact that the event is taking place. Click here for full article.

Best practices for promoting your fundraiser online (source: Charity Village) The growth of the Internet and online technologies has created tremendous opportunities for marketing your fundraising events in new ways. Yet it can quickly lead to information overload. With so many different possibilities available, it's helpful to develop a targeted strategy that outlines how you intend to spread awareness of your cause, recruit participants, and attract potential donors and sponsors via the web. The key is to be focused, and therefore more efficient, when you market your events online. Decide the scope of activities you'll undertake after considering the following techniques. Click here for full article.