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Mega Shoppers - Spring Fundraiser

Buggie for Spring
  • UP TO 50% PROFIT
  • PRICE RANGE $5.50-$40
  • 70 ITEMS

Why Buggie for Spring?

Buggie for Spring is a mega brochure for spring fundraisers. It offers 70 fundraising items for your parents and community to choose from. Most fundraising groups choose "Buggie for Spring" as their spring fundraiser because a wide variety of products is perceived as higher value.

Some experienced fundraising groups choose "Buggie for Spring" and "Snackin' in America" as a COMBO fundraising program. In general, fundraising groups who choose two programs make much more money than those who only choose one.

Product Description

"Buggie for Spring" is our spring mega brochure with a wide variety of items for any taste. From our great collection of washable and reusable designer bags to our ingenious summertime gadgets, this book has variety and fun written all over it. Whether you hope for springtime candy and snacks, stylish jewelry, or beautiful candle scents and accessories, there is something for everyone. We have chosen a wide selection of the finest items available. A must-have for any and all of your fundraising needs.

Product Features

  • Up to 50% Profit
  • No Money Upfront
  • Price Range $5.50~$40
  • Free Shipping *
  • Free Promotional Materials
  • Incentive Programs
  • 70 Items
  • Exclusive Items

Product Benefits


We provide order forms, color brochures, classroom envelopes, and collecting envelopes.  These materials are completely FREE to your organization.  Besides free material, no need to pay anything in advance. All you need to do is to utilize all the free materials we provide to boost your sales. Once you collect all the orders and money, we will send you an invoice and deliver our products.


Shipping becomes immediately FREE once your organization hits the minimal orders. In most cases, the minimal order is easy to be achieved for above mid-sized organizations. We, however, understand that some small groups may have difficulty in meeting a minimal order.  If you are belonging to a small group and interested in Buggie for Spring, Contact us and we can help you find the best solution for your group's needs.


Packing options: Pre-pack and Bulk for your convenience.

If you choose bulk, we will compile all your orders/products together and deliver to your school. Bulk option is suggested when you have a group of volunteers to help sort the products. It not only helps reduce the shipping cost but also provides an opportunity to get your volunteers engaged and have a sense of achievement.

If your organization wants an easier delivery or does not have many volunteers involved, pre-pack is suggested. We will pre-sort products per individual participant's order with classroom number or teacher's name on the box if applicable.  We will pack each participant's order separately and mark the bag/box with label including student's name, room #, grade and teacher's name.


We understand that each organization is different, and that is where our incentive programs can come into play. We offer prize programs, participation programs and teacher incentives depending upon different purposes, needs and geographic attributes. Contact Us and we will recommend a customized program for your organization.


Once you decide to partner with us, you will be provided a code specific to your organization and then you can access our online system. In it, your participants/students can send emails to their out-of-town family & friends with product info. Also, as a sponsor, you can check all the activities in the fundraising process within our online system. Our online selling/tracking tools will definitely help you save lots of fundraising work. Then you can focus on how to increase participation rate or other crucial aspects to boost your sales.

Which Groups Fit


  • FREE shipping when $1,500 in billing is met
  • $1,001-$1,499 in billing: $50 Freight charge
  • $0-$1,000.99 in billing: $100 Freight charge


  • "Buggie for Spring" alone: January 1st to March 10th
  • COMBO with  frozen foods: January 1st to March 3rd

Packing Options

  • Pre-Pack

Orders will be processed, packed and labeled by an individual student's name when the minimal order is met.

  • Bulk

All the orders will be compiled and packed together and shipped to your organization.

Estimated Delivery

  • 21 Days on average


How Long Should a Fundraising Campaign Take?
The quick answer to this question is that 2 to 3 weeks is the recommended selling time for a fundraiser, but this is not set in stone. Each group must do what works best for their group, so if you choose to run your fundraiser for a longer or shorter period, that is fine as well. See more details

How to Decide on a Fundraising Company
It happens in a blink of an eye. You show up to a parent group meeting just to show your face and to learn more about your child's schooling experience, and the next thing you know, you've been recruited to be the fundraising chairperson for the year. Yes, it happens that quickly. Now you've been thrown into an arena where you know nothing, but need get up to speed ASAP. You need to choose the right programs, companies, recruit volunteers, set a yearly calendar, etc. It's a lot to handle, but don't worry, we are here to help you navigate the fundraising world. The first step is to find the right company to assist you. Below are some tips on what to look for in finding the right company. See more details

When to Start Planning
It's never too early to start planning. If you are the fundraising chair of your organization, you should always be doing your research on possible fundraisers. This should be an ongoing activity. Contact fundraising companies that are of interest to you. Gather basic information for your records. Keep the new fundraising ideas flowing and educate yourself on what's out there. See more details

Fundraising Mission Statement
The mission statement should simply state why your group is doing the fundraiser and how any raised funds will be used. Is your school in need of a new playground? Are you raising funds for a field trip to New York City? Or maybe to replace the audio system in the school auditorium? Whatever the case may be, the more people understand why you're raising money, the more successful your endeavor will be. See more details


Kick-off Plans
A successful fundraiser kickoff could be in the form of a presentation.  It should be exciting, informative, as well as educating the students on the safety aspects of participating. The safety of the student is paramount – the policy of no "door to door" selling needs to be conveyed strongly and clearly by the presenter, as well as the sponsor/administrator of the school or group. Students enjoy seeing the incentives that are available for participating. Show and demonstrate if you can! The presentation should be as concise as possible, so that students spend a minimum amount of time away from the classroom – which helps to keep the teachers supportive of the sale as well. See more details

Set the Goal
One motivational and successful strategy to consider is setting up a goal chart for yourself and your fundraising participants! Creating a visual tool to help you and your team members realize your goals can be one of the easiest and most successful methods to help you meet your goals. See more details

Fundraising Parent Letter

Fundraising Contract


Catalog Sales
Catalog or brochure sales bring lots of benefits to your organization: no upfront cost, a wide variety of selection, minimized workload on logistics, and higher profit. See more details

Teacher Incentives
Statistics show that in schools where students, staff, administration, and community all work together for fundraising success, the fundraisers are more successful.  The one person, who sees those students every day, is the teacher.  Don't leave them out of the process – they are extremely vital.  If you've run many fundraisers at school, you certainly know the trend that participation rates are getting less, around 10-30% in recent years.  The following are a few tips for non-monetary teacher incentives for you to work on. See more details

Principal Involvement
Many times, the School Principal will get involved and even set goals for the students to achieve!  Once the goal is reached, the Principal will have to keep his/her promises to do something fun!   Students love a challenge from their School Principal – and even more so, once they achieve their goal, watching the School Principal follow through on his/her promise.  Have you ever heard in the news about a Principal who shaved his head bald?  How about a Principal who dyed her hair bright green?  Duct tape a Principal to the gym wall?  Teachers and staff in a dunk tank?  The old standby of kissing a pig?  All very fun, little or no expense opportunities, and promotions that will motivate students, keep the Principal involved – and have a little fun too! See more details

Online Fundraising Tools

Fundraising Publicity
Online Fundraising Software
Online Fundraising Campaign – Summertime
Online Fundraising Tools


Distribution Day
Keep In Touch After Fundraisers
Being Grateful


Fundraising Causes
Fundraising Burnout
Fundraising Safety


Guarantee #1 – A Complete Source for Fundraising Ideas

We are proud of being a complete source for fundraising ideas. We have been working with a tremendous amount of fundraising groups, such as schools, churches, sports leagues, daycares, dance studios, theater groups, scouts, cheerleaders, bands, non-profit organizations and any other group looking to raise funds. We have grown with our sponsors in the past two decades. Thus, no matter what your group's goals and objectives are, we are experienced in coming up a fundraising program that will work for you. To get started, click the above "Request Free Info Kit".

Our fundraising blog as well as NATIONAL Fundraising Resource Center covers almost every aspect of fundraising information that you may want or need to know. New trends for fundraising products, tips on how to choose fundraisers, which fundraisers work best for which groups, or does profit percentage translate into more sales and so on. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or comments about the fundraising business, or have any suggestions to make the experience even better! We want to be the complete source for all your fundraising needs.

Guarantee #2 –Products & Service

  • Products
    • Quality Guaranteed – Unconditional Money-back Guarantee
    • More than 10 categories for You to Choose
    • Exclusive Items
    • Most Fundraising Programs Need No Money Upfront
    • Profit up to 50% (varies upon categories)
    • Best Practice of Fundraising Packages to BOOST SALES
    • Mega Shopper
    • Secondary Fundraiser in other Categories
    • Online Fundraising Program
  • Services
    • Free Shipping with Low Minimum
    • Free Promotional Materials
    • Incentive Programs
    • Instant Prizes
    • Teacher Prizes
    • Reward Prizes
    • Drawing
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    • Free Merchandise
    • Online Ordering for Out of Town Family & Friends
    • 24/7 Online Tracking
    • Free Tally & Pre-Pack Service with Low Minimum

Our consultants will help you decide which program is best for your group. Please call us toll-free at 866-327-7900 to speak with a representative today. We work with pre-schools, elementary, middle and high schools. From bands to sports teams to academic clubs!

Guarantee #3 – Safety

Child safety is our main priority. No door-to-door selling. Please read our safety tips to ensure that not only is your campaign a profitable one, but a safe one as well!

Guarantee #4 – Your Success

Your success is our achievement! We strive to help each fundraising group achieve its goal. If you did not meet your goal, please feel free to contact us and our experienced fundraising consultants will find the reasons why and tackle them for your next fundraisers.