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Leverage Online Tools To Boost Your Sales

The Internet has transformed the way we live in many ways, and fundraising is no exception.  It is now much easier to learn about an organization/cause and to get involved than ever before.  Civic groups, churches, schools – everyone is jumping on board.  I mean, why wouldn’t you capitalize on the ability to reach out to friends, family and the community with relative ease?  When you consider all you get and the fact that it is at a margin of the cost of print, one might argue the web has done nothing short of revolutionize the way we fundraise altogether!

So how can you make the best use of the Internet and online tools for your fundraiser?  Continue reading to explore the use of social media, blogs and widgets!

1. Social media – Grab attention

Social media are great online fundraising tools to attract people’s attention and direct them to your cause.

In the vast expanse that is the Internet, directing people to your cause is a seemingly insurmountable task; however, through the skilled use of social media, it’s not all that difficult!  Because social media is based on ease of use and accessibility, so too should your online fundraising efforts.  Make it easy for people to give by creating awareness right on your Facebook and Twitter pages.  Since people are already there, it is that much easier to reach out to both your Grandma and your little brother’s friends for some help!

2. Blogs – Enhance engagement

Blogs can be the perfect online fundraising tool for engaging your supporters by sharing your story and humanizing your cause.

2.1  Consistently uploading relevant content that is short, sweet and to the point will help to make your blog a success!  Microblogs, for example, allow you to exchange shorter messages, such as a single sentence, an individual image, or a video link.

2.2  Provide relevant content and stories for your supporters.  What’s relevant content look like?  Give people a reason why they should help you out: sell your cause!

2.3  Craft a story that details how an individual’s efforts have helped the greater good.  Everyone wants to believe that their efforts are helping (and they should be) – so show them!

2.4  Include the personal details of your campaign and you’ll provide a touch of humanity that might have been otherwise unachievable through a flyer or direct mail.  For example: Describe any situations or circumstances that were problematic during the fundraising process and then explain how you were able to work around them!

2.5  Also, encourage your readers to share their thoughts in the comments section!


3. The Widget– Increase visibility

The widget is an easy-to-use and effective online fundraising tool for your arsenal.

3.1  Widgets are applications – tools – for web pages.  There are many different types of widgets with many different functions, and often times they are customizable.  An example would be a widget that includes a “countdown” feature, which can help create a sense of immediacy and urgency for your cause.

3.2   To use one, all you have to do is simply copy and paste prewritten HTML text*.   This is called embedding the text.  For your fundraising purposes, look for a widget that will allow for the inclusion of the name of the organization, the financial goal and the current amount earned.  The best fundraising widgets will have an interactive running total, meaning you have to upload/embed the widget once!  This is a great feature because it allows everyone in your group to track any progress in real time

3.3  Similar to widgets, one of our brands comes up with an advertisement banner.  If you sign-up with its programs, you can place this banner on your website to boost sales with greater conveniences.


TIP: Encourage friends and family to talk about your fundraiser on their social media accounts, to comment on blog articles and to donate space on their Blog/Social Media page to upload your fundraising widget and banner!


*How-To Embed A Widget on Facebook





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