Tips for a successful fundraiser kickoff!

kickoff Tips for a successful fundraiser kickoff!

Kickoff Is A Great Start of Boosting Morale

Aside from choosing a reputable fundraising company, and selecting a sales representative with a proven successful track record, the kickoff of the sale is in many ways one of the most important aspects of a successful sales campaign. No matter how beautiful the catalogs are, the main objective is to motivate students to take the fundraiser packet home, and to share it with his family and friends. If the student is not excited about participating, or sees no value in supporting the school or group, the packet never “arrives” home.

The successful fundraiser kickoff could be in the form of presentation.  It should be exciting, informative, as well as educating the students on the safety aspects of participating. The safety of the student is paramount – the policy of no “door to door” selling needs to be conveyed strongly and clearly by the presenter, as well as the sponsor/administrator of the school or group. Students enjoy seeing the incentives that are available for participating! Show and demonstrate if you can! The presentation should be as concise as possible, so that students spend a minimum amount of time away from the classroom – which helps to keep the teachers supportive of the sale as well.

If the school doesn’t allow students to be away from the classroom, another option is to video the sales representative doing the presentation. Having the catalogs, incentive program, and perhaps some product or prize samples in the video also help! A simple DVD can be played in the classroom, or on classroom monitors – or perhaps posted to YouTube, and played in the classroom! Be creative! Sending a fundraising packet home with no promotion to the students is doomed from the start.

Everyone is a fundraiser and let’s start it with a successful fundraiser kickoff!


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