Event Fundraising - School Principal rocks


Event fundraiser Principal Event Fundraising   School Principal rocks

Event fundraising – School Principal fundraising

You need the support from School Principal for fundraising!

It’s the biggest game of the season.  The players are pumped, the crowd is roaring, but the coach (School Principal) is….at home watching TV?  How can that be?  How can the most important person to the team, the game, the crowds, not be there or interested?  The School Principal is the school’s leader, coach, and biggest fan – having his/her support for the fundraiser is so crucial!  If the students and teachers see that the School Principal acknowledges the importance of the fundraiser, then they too will see more of the importance of the fundraising event.  Most School Principals want the campaign to succeed, as most know that the funds raised will help the school to offer students more opportunities for the school year (field trips, transportation, special events at the school, assemblies, etc.)


Many times, the School Principal will get involved and even set goals for the students to achieve!  Once the goal is reached, the Principal will have to keep his/her promises to do something fun!   Students love a challenge from their School Principal – and even more so, once they achieve their goal, watching the School Principal follow through on his/her promise.  Have you ever heard in the news about a Principal who shaved his head bald?  How about a Principal who dyed her hair bright green?  Duct tape a Principal to the gym wall?  Teachers and staff in a dunk tank?  The old standby of kissing a pig?  All very fun, little or no expense opportunities, and promotions that will motivate students, and keep the Principal involved – and have a little fun too!

Having a discussion with the Principal and/or administrators about how important their support for the fundraising campaign prior to the sale is vital to a successful sale!  Get them on your side; they can be your biggest cheerleader once the kickoff is over.


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