Mind Your Manners: Thank You Letters!

mind your manners thank you1 Mind Your Manners: Thank You Letters!Your fundraiser was a success- you’ve counted your profits, you’ve delivered your products, and you have happy, satisfied customers.  What’s next?  Say Thank You!

While your campaign is in full swing, your sellers are asking for business.  They’re using mindful words such as “please” and encouraging their customers to spend their hard-earned money and spare time to help out the worthy cause at hand.  They are outwardly grateful for the purchases made and the money coming in from their family and friends, and a verbal “thank you!” is a powerful way to show your customers just how much their donations are appreciated.

The next step, after the fundraiser is completed, is to extend those two little words into a thoughtful letter thanking their customers again!  A Thank You Letter can be as simple as a card or handwritten note.  It can be a mass-printed letter on school letter head, or even a “newsletter” of sorts.  The point will always be clear: to say thank you again for the business your school community worked so hard to earn!

Consider including information like the goal that was set for money to raise, and if you met or exceeded that goal.  Or perhaps what the money raised will be used for.  Maybe even an introduction to your next fundraiser as well!  Photos of the event, seller testimonials, and personal notes of thanks are all powerful pieces to include.

Mother always said to mind your manners by saying “please” and “thank you.”  Extend that golden rule of appreciation to your sellers after the sale!  Following up with your group’s customers after they’ve received their purchases goes a long way.  They will certainly remember the wonderful gratitude they received when they are approached with your next fundraising campaign, and will be motivated to help again on your next time around!


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