Flower Bulb Fundraisers

bulbs2 231x300 Flower Bulb FundraisersFAQ on one of our top selling programs
The flower bulb fundraiser is one of our most successful programs. There are many factors on why this is the case. Many groups are looking for a non-food program. Others are looking for an environmentally friendly program. Some like the great profit margins. Others like the beautiful sales catalog. The bottom line is that the bulbs are a great quality product that people actually want. We are thrilled to continue this program for the 2012 / 2013 fundraising season. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the bulbs. This will help give greater insight into this program.

How long is the planting season? There are two distinct seasons for the flower bulbs: the fall planting season and the spring planting season. We carry two separate programs for each season. For the fall season, the bulbs are typically available from early September through the end of November. The one caveat is that the bulbs need to be planted before the ground freezes for the winter. We realize this will affect the colder climates more than the winter climates, so we ask our groups to plan accordingly. The bulbs will bloom in the springtime. For the spring season, the bulbs are available from late February to the middle of May. We recommend planting the bulbs when the ground is fully thawed from the winter. The bulbs will bloom a few weeks later.
Will the bulbs grow in my regional “zone”? Yes, the bulbs offered in our catalogs are ones that can grow in every planting zone in the United States. We do not include bulbs in our programs that are zone specific. So it doesn’t matter if you live in Texas or Michigan, the bulbs will grow in your area.

What selling approach can we take for people who aren’t gardeners or don’t have a yard for that matter? We get this question a lot from our groups. It’s true that many of your customers are just not gardeners and won’t have an interest in planting bulbs. Or many will live in apartments or home with no yards, so they have nowhere to plant the bulbs. We understand that, but it doesn’t mean you can’t approach them to buy the bulbs. We recommend to our groups to bill this fundraiser as a “Help Beautify our Community Campaign”. This is where you can ask people to buy the bulbs and then donate them right back to your group. Then your group will have a “Planting Day” when the bulbs will be planted in a place that will benefit the community: a school, a park, a senior living facility, a church, etc. We find this approach is highly successful because it directly helps improve the community.


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