thermometer GoalsAre you starting a fundraiser? Have you already begun a fundraising program and are having trouble organizing or communicating your goals?

One motivational and successful strategy to consider is setting up a goal chart for yourself and your fundraising participants! Creating a visual tool to help you and your team members realize your goals can be one of the easiest and most successful methods to help you meet your goals.

Many fundraising companies can provide these visual tools for you! Often these come in the form of fundraising thermometers. These thermometers illustrate your end goal (the top of the thermometer) and illustrate how close that goal is!

Visual stimulation is key! Numbers can be thrown around to help understand the goals, but if a fundraising team member can actually see where you are, how long it has taken to get there, and what you still have left to accomplish, they will be more likely to push towards that goal.

Does your fundraising company provide a visual aid for you? If not, no problem! Creating your own visual aid can be easy! Does your school need a new roof? Get creative. Make a drawing of your school; put the amount needed up top and fill in the building as you earn more funds!

Do you need a new playground? Illustrate the playground you desire next to a playground you can currently afford with your current fundraising efforts. The kids will be sure to get more enthusiastic when they see the new equipment being added right before their eyes!

No matter how you choose to do it, remember that fundraising is not all about numbers. It is about a community, large or small, coming together to improve or create something that is important to them. Always have fun, be safe, and set goals for yourself!


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