Stay in touch!

can phones Stay in touch!Don’t lose contact with your group over the summer.

Yes, summer is here and a much needed break from your PTA / PTO involvement is well deserved. But that doesn’t mean that all communication should cease until September when the new school year gets rolling again. This can be a productive time in getting your bearings set for the new year. The saying goes “Out of sight, Out of mind” for a reason. Stay in “sight” throughout the next few months. This way you’ll have a running start when you group is ready to begin their yearly activities.

A common theme we’ve seen with successful parent groups in the cohesiveness and closeness of the group. Going to some PTO meetings seemed more like a cocktail party or BBQ because everyone was such good friends. So it can’t hurt to have informal get togethers throughout the summer to form the bonds early. It’s tougher to develop these bonds during the hectic school year sometimes. Take advantage of the calmness while it’s here.

It can’t hurt sending a summer status email to keep your plans fresh in the minds of your members. Keep it light, but keep in on point to the goals you are hoping to achieve this year. This is a good time for feedback since it’s a clean slate this time of year.

Use this time to recruit new volunteers. As with any parent group, the more active participants, the greater success you will have. Keep your eyes out for any new parents to the community. Sometimes all it takes is a brief introduction and conversation to recruit an active participant for the year. So enjoy the summer, but continue your PTO / PTA responsibilities in a casual manner.


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