Reward Your Volunteers!

thank you Reward Your Volunteers!

The school year is coming to an end. As are the responsibilities of the parent groups. It is time for the parents to get something out of it. Yes, they are doing it for the kids. The kids are the main reason parents you and the other parents signed up to be part of the fundraising activities. It’s part of being a good parent. Hopefully the hard work you put in paid off in the end. Maybe it’s a new playground, or new computers, or a new faculty position. It’s always nice to see a tangible result from your yearly campaigns. But it’s also important to keep in mind the effort and time put in by your volunteers (including yourself) to bring everything together. We have seen too many groups take their volunteers for granted. They forget that these parents have jobs and their hands full with the regular responsibilities. They are giving up their time to support your group. It is time to reward them for the hard work and support they have given throughout the year.

Make them feel appreciated for their effort! This is extremely important because your group will need these essential volunteers to be active next year. We suggest a “thank you” event such as a dinner or BBQ. A small token of appreciation in a small gift couldn’t hurt as well. We feel it is a good investment by rewarding the active participants in your group. This will pay off in the yearly effort they will put in the following year. If their hard work is ignored, and they are underappreciated, then it will be a tough time getting them to be involved in the future. Plus, it’s fun to have appreciation events. It sets a good vibe for your organization.


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