Teachers and Fundraisers

Montessori School 300x199 Teachers and FundraisersTips on keeping teachers involved in the fundraising process.

I think we all can agree that most teachers have their hands full with their day-to-day responsibilities. Their priority should be on the classroom and the best way to educate our children, to help our kids thrive in the learning environment. Here at School-Fundraisers.com, we fully support this and believe nothing should hinder teachers in their quest to educate. This includes fundraisers. Many teachers feel school fundraisers are a distraction and are not involved in the process. This sometimes plays a major role in the success or failure of a fundraiser. This is especially true in fundraisers that are run by parent groups such as a PTO or PTA. Many parents groups just assume the teachers will be part of the process, and only learn after the fact, that this may be easier said than done. Below are some tips on how to get teachers to be more involved in the school fundraising programs.

1. Communication is key. PTA / PTO should have a teacher liaison: A person act as the go-between for your parent group and the teachers. Any matter involving the teachers should be passed on to them and let them have a say. Make the teachers part of the decision process. If they feel part of the process, they are more likely to be involved.

2. Use the teachers’ past knowledge. Most PTO / PTA boards turn-over every year and have new people involved. There is a drop-off in “institutional knowledge”: how things ran in the past. Tap into the knowledge of the tenured teachers. They have seen it all. They know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to fundraisers. Use this to your group’s advantage.

3. Create a teacher’s incentive. Most group’s focus on giving an incentive for the students and not the teachers. If the teachers have an incentive, the fundraising involvement will sky rocket. Obviously you will need to work within the rules of your school district of what is permissible and what isn’t. But we’ve seen schools offer restaurant certificates, iPads, and even an extra day off to the teacher with the top selling class.
The bottom line is: work with the teachers! Keep them in the loop and part of the process. This will only help your cause.


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