Summertime School Online Fundraising Campaigns

summertime 300x274 Summertime School Online Fundraising CampaignsAs the school year wraps up, many end-of-year school parties are approaching.  End of year parties bring students, parents and teachers together in one setting to celebrate the closing of another successful school year.  Why not use your end of year party as a platform to announce a summer fundraiser?   Any time you draw in a large crowd, it provides you with an excellent opportunity to reach a large audience.  And all of the guests attending your party are people who are invested in your school.  This is a great opportunity to introduce a summer online fundraising campaign!  Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean that schools cannot be proactive in planning and raising funds for the upcoming year.  Your end-of year school party is the perfect place to launch a summer fundraising campaign.  Use online fundraising software to create a school fundraising website where you explain your mission.  i.e. “This summer we intend to raise $5000 with the help of parents, students and faculty to help purchase new computers for the upcoming school year!”  Encourage students and faculty to register online.  They can even create their own personal fundraising page.  Throughout the summer they can promote the fundraiser, post a link from their social networking pages, distribute flyers during summer events, etc. 

Make the summer fundraising campaign fun!  Create contests and offer prizes for participants who raise the most funds.  A fundraising thermometer can track progress against goals.  You can also list top performers in order to instill motivation among participants.  Give people points for creativity!  Perhaps some students want to get together and organize a small fundraising event (such as a car wash) in support of the overall summer fundraising campaign?

A summertime school fundraiser gives students a sense of purpose.  It provides them with a project to work on during the three months they’ve set aside their homework.  It gives them something constructive to discuss with their friends and families, and it teaches them about community service, and “giving back” to the greater good.  Although it might seem like work, students, parents and faculty will not only be thankful for the financial benefits received from the donations raised, but will likely enjoy the efforts that went into making the fundraiser a success.  Who knows…maybe this will become an annual summer fundraising campaign.  Good Luck, and enjoy your summer.


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