Fundraising Distribution Day

distribution Fundraising Distribution DayDistribution Do’s and Don’ts

You’ve worked hard for weeks, sometimes months and now the day has arrived where your fundraising products will be delivered. It’s important to have a strategy in place to handle the distribution of your products. Each group’s distribution process may be different depending on the group’s size, product type, and physical space of delivery location, time restraints and the amount of product sold. Below are some general guidelines on conducting a successful distribution.

Distribution Do’s

-          Once a product delivery date has been set, start making plans for the day of distribution.

-          Line up volunteers. A rule of thumb is to have 1 volunteer for every 100 items that are being delivered.

-          Alert parents a few days in advance, with specific dates and times for their product pick-up. This can be done via phone calls, e-mails or letters. Designate a specific time for each group (classroom, age group, teams, etc.) to pick up their order.

-          Work with school officials on specific requirements for deliveries (loading docks, delivery times, etc.).

-          Once product is delivered and the proper inventory has been confirmed, have volunteers unpack and organize the product before the distribution begins.

-          Set up check-in station for participants to turn in their order forms. Have volunteers double-check order forms and then hand them their specific order. Do not have participants take their own product from the overall inventory.

-          Use the boxes that the product was shipped in to pack individual student orders. Glad Tall Kitchen bags are also good for packing orders. 

-          If handling frozen product, such as cookie dough fundraisers or cheesecake fundraisers, have gloves available for volunteers because some products may be packed in dry ice.

-          Keep track of any missing items on the requisition form and report them ASAP.

Distribution Don’ts

-          Do not distribute products right after they’re unloaded off the truck. You must count the inventory, organize the product, and set up distribution check-in station. This station is where participants will pick up their orders.

-          Do not have participants take their own product from the overall inventory. There WILL be inventory shortages if this occurs. Have volunteers check participants’ order forms and hand participants their appropriate product order.

-          Do not assume the correct inventory is delivered. Double check your order amount on the requisition form with the truck driver’s requisition forms.

-          Do not have the entire group come at once to pick up product. Stagger the pick-up times over a few hours in groups of 25 – 30.

-          Do not have children in the inventory area.

-          Do not leave product in an unsecured location. If you need to store product overnight, keep it in a locked room, closet or refrigerator (if applicable).

As always, fundraising safety is a top priority so keep children in a safe area when organizing fundraising products.


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