Fundraising Selling Dates

calendar1 300x224 Fundraising Selling DatesWhat is the typical selling period of a fundraiser?

One of the questions we get asked on a daily basis is “How long should our group run the fundraiser for?” Each group has their own set of logistics and circumstances that they need to work with, so the answer may vary with each group. Also, keep in mind that we are just focused on the selling period of the fundraiser in this article, not the time it takes to plan, promote and distribute the fundraiser. The quick answer to this question is that 2 to 3 weeks is the recommend selling time for a fundraiser, but this is not set in stone. Each group must do what works best for their group, so if you choose to run your fundraiser for a longer or shorter period, that is fine as well. Below are some fundraising tips on the length of your fundraiser.

Why 2 -3 weeks? This is an ample amount of time for your participants to reach out to your community. There’s a fine line that needs to be observed here. Running the fundraiser for too short a period may result in fewer sales and less profit for your group. Running the fundraiser for too long a period may foster procrastination and complacency among your participants and their desire to sell will be diminished. We found that fundraisers that run for more than 3 weeks tend to drag on and people start losing interest. It’s imperative to keep fundraiser short and focused.

Must have a firm starting and ending date for the fundraiser. It’s important that your participants understand the specific dates of the fundraiser. You must set the dates and stick with it. Having a fundraising kick off at the beginning of the fundraiser always motivates your sellers. Try to keep the enthusiasm level high throughout the selling period and promote the fundraiser as much as you can. It’s also very important that your members know when the selling period ends and when the money is due. With most fundraisers, there will always be stragglers that forget to turn in their orders, so you’ll need to wait a few extra days before placing your order with the fundraising company.


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