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school girl pic 300x199 Online Fundraising Software Raise More for Your School Fundraiser with Online Fundraising Software

A great way for schools to raise funds for school programs, extracurricular activities, development projects and/or new resources is through hosting a fundraising event such as a school walk-a-thon, fundraising car wash or bake sale, student sales contest, or charity auction. And now with the help of online fundraising software, hosting a fundraising event for your school is easier than ever!  Not only can online software tools help you raise more money, but they also help you effectively manage every detail of your fundraising event…saving you time and money!

Sounds too good to be true?  Well, here’s a quick overview of how it works.

With online software tools, school administrators create a customized website that does all the work!  The website becomes a “hub” to inform students, teachers, parents and potential donors about the school’s fundraising mission and goals.  The website showcases pictures, student or teacher quotes, and even includes a fundraising thermometer that tracks current progress of funds raised against established fundraising goals.  Administrators can also recruit volunteers, post event schedules, create numerous reports, and manage communications to students, parents, volunteers and donors.

Online fundraising software not only makes fundraising easier for students, but it also makes it fun! Each student can register online, and then create their own personalized page where they can post personal mission statements and photos.  They now have a great place to direct family, friends, neighbors and relatives to tell their story and provide an easy way for donors to make secure payments online.  Instead of going door-to-door, students may send out an email and post messages on their facebook page with a link to their personalized pledge page.  Students can also encourage their family and friends to help them exceed their goals by forwarding their pledge requests on to even more potential donors.

With online fundraising, your school fundraiser is no longer restricted to your neighborhood.  Donation request messages can be sent to relatives and friends across the globe, bringing in donations from all over the world.  Your school may even want to incorporate a fun contest to see how many different states (or countries) your students can “reach” through their online fundraising efforts.

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