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fundraising promotion Fundraising PromotionTips on Promoting a Fundraiser

As anyone who has ever run a fundraiser can tell you, the most important factor in determining the success of a fundraiser, is how well the fundraiser is promoted. Everything else can be executed perfectly, but if the fundraiser in not promoted properly, then the chances of success are slim. Fundraising organizers must use every resource available to them to get the word out to the entire community about the fundraiser. Below are essential tools in successful fundraising promotion.

Fundraising Parent Letter – The parent letter is an essential first step in promoting your fundraiser. Each participant and their families are ambassadors of your group and their help is essential in spreading your message to the community. The goals, logistics and everything else regarding your fundraiser should be conveyed in the parent letter. Please read our previous articles on tips in writing a fundraising parent letter for more information.

Kick Off Rally – On the first day of your fundraiser, hold a “kick-off rally” to motivate your participants. This will vary from group to group, but the basic message is “rally your troops”. Make sure they understand what is expected of them and why it’s important to raise funds for your group. It’s important to set as positive tone right from the start and maintain this enthusiasm throughout the entire fundraiser.

Posters – To the best of your ability, plaster posters promoting your fundraiser throughout the school and throughout your community. The more people are reminded of the fundraiser, the more likely they are to support your cause.

Daily Announcements – If applicable, daily PA announcements reminding everyone of the fundraiser will help spread the word. Most schools allow for these announcements during their morning address to the school.

Newsletters – A featured story in your organizations’ newsletter will go a long way. Many newsletters are now sent out online to your groups mass email list. This email list is important to utilize in your fundraiser promotion. This is the quickest and most effective way to get in front of your supporters.

Local Media – Local newspapers, TV, Radio and Blogs are a great resource in promoting your school fundraiser to your surrounding areas. We recently wrote an article on Fundraising Publicity which listed tips on how to promote your fundraiser through the local media. This is a fabulous way to promote you fundraiser on a larger scale.

Social Marketing (Facebook & Twitter) – Today more than ever, social media’s role in fundraiser promotion is extremely important. Daily postings, photos, announcements and anything else important about your fundraiser are great to post on Facebook and Twitter. If your group doesn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, start one today. It’s free and only takes minutes to set up. And we believe the promotional tools available to fundraising groups through social marketing will only improve, so get your account set up today!

As with all of our fundraising activities, fundraising safety is priority number 1. So please make sure all of your fundraising promotion is done in the safest way possible.


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