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parent letter Fundraising Parent LetterParent Letters Tips and Samples for School Fundraisers

Keeping parents informed about your school’s fundraising activities is a must. There are many opportunities for a school to communicate with parents throughout the year: parent-teacher conferences, school events, morning and afternoon pick up, etc. But the most effective way to communicate the specifics of a fundraiser (mission statement, selling dates, pick up dates, product details, etc.) is through a fundraising parent letter.

You cannot trust children to properly convey this information. Many times, kids don’t even tell their parents about fundraisers. The information will get passed out and end up at the bottom of their locker for the entire school year. So direct communication between the school and the parents is essential. We believe more communication beyond parent letters is needed (phone calls, emails, info tables at events), but today we are focusing on the parent letter.

A good fundraising strategy is having 3 direct correspondences regarding the fundraiser. Every school does this differently. Some do this via email. Others in a newsletter.  And others in just a letter. You will have to make a determination on what works best for your school, but we feel that the below 3 steps are essential:

  1. Intro letter on the upcoming fundraiser. This should include the mission statement on why you are raising funds.  A detailed explanation of the types of fundraiser you will be doing also helps. This is sent out a few weeks before the fundraiser begins.
  2. Kick off letter. This letter will have all of the details and instructions of the fundraiser. The exact selling dates, selling goals of each participate, money collection procedures, fundraising safety precautions, etc. It is important to list the contact information of the fundraising organizers because your parents will have questions. This should be sent out the week the fundraiser begins.
  3. Pick up letter. This should give detailed instructions on when the products should be picked up and how it should be distributed. This letter should be sent out once the selling period of the fundraiser is complete.

In all of your fundraising parent letters, be as direct as possible. Get to the point and give as many specific details as you can. If the letters are too vague, you’ll be inundated with phone calls from confused parents.

Below are a few sample parent letters, but keep in mind these are very basic. Each school has their own style and ideas on what should be included. So we’ve kept these as simple as possible.

Sample Parent Letter #1

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to another great year at ______________________

This is the time of year when we all pitch in to run our “Big Brochure Fundraiser”.  The money we raise this year is going toward funding the new playground equipment.  Every penny…every dollar…we raise is important and will go to benefit the children…!

This year we’ll be selling cookie dough from The cookie dough is delicious…and makes a great idea for all your get-togethers, parties and especially play dates for the kids…buy an extra tub to take to the grandparent’s.

The official start date is “January 18th” and the official completion date is “February 4th”.  Please keep all orders forms in the collection envelope provided.  Please make all checks out to _____________________________

Never allow young children to solicit orders alone. They should always be in the company of a responsible adult.


Sample Parent Letter #2

Dear Parents:

________________ School will be conducting a Cookie Dough Fundraiser from January 18th-February 4th.  The money raised will be used for many projects and activities that occur at the school.  Things such as books, magazines, and furniture, classroom paper, three digital cameras, three LCD projectors with carts, student agenda’s, field trip scholarships, and a lyceum on bullying are examples of items purchased in the past year for the nursery school children. All of these projects depend on these funds.

Please help your child or young friend with our campaign.  Please sell to friends, family, neighbors, and people at work.  We would like each child to try and sell at least 12 items.  Our profit goal is $25,000.

Please read the following on how to fill out the order form.

                1.   Collect money at the time of taking order.  Collect NO sales tax.

                2. Make checks payable to _________________, or if possible, make one check to the school. This would make the money counting process much easier and quicker.

                3.   Please tally the item columns and the money column.  This needs to be done.

                4.   Make sure the money collected adds up to the cost of the items sold.

                5.   All orders and money are due on February 4th.

                6.   Advise your child not to sell to strangers and to be careful.

We appreciate your help in making this fundraiser a success.  If you would rather not participate with this event but would like to help in the fund raising effort, a financial donation would be truly appreciated.

Best Regards,


Sample Parent Letter #3 (Parent Pick-up Letter)

Dear Parent,

It’s time to pick up your fundraising order. The cookie dough fundraiser that our school participated in recently is soon coming to a close. Only one step left and all of this hard work will pay off. Here are the specific details

Date: February, 17th

Time: 3 – 5 PM

Location: Gym

Please be prepared to pick your child up from school on that day along with the products that you have ordered. If you are unable to pick up your child on this day, please send a note to that effect and we will get your child’s products to you. You will need to pass these products out to the people who have ordered within 24 hours.

We want to thank everyone who has made this fundraiser a success and I know that all of us will reap the benefits.

Thank you,



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