Common Fundraising Mistakes

mistakes Common Fundraising Mistakes Common Fundraising Mistakes  and Tips to Avoid Them                                      

Sometimes in life things just don’t go the way you planned. This is especially true with fundraisers. The logistics of organizing a fundraiser can be overwhelming to most. Coupled with the fact that most fundraising organizers are volunteers, so they are taking on the fundraising responsibilities on top of their everyday life routine. And most have little prior experience with fundraisers so they are learning on the fly. Below are some common pitfalls that fundraising organizers encounter.

Lack of Planning. Planning for the fundraiser needs to start well in advanced. From selecting the fundraiser, to coordinating the logistics, to lining up volunteers, to executing the fundraiser, the details are numerous. A fundraising check list or outline will help your cause. Make a list of every task that needs to get done and assign volunteers in your group for each task. You must delegate! Do not take on everything by yourself. You will eventually burnout and the fundraiser will suffer. Make a plan and stick with it.

No support from the school. We’ve seen this occur many times. Well intentioned groups, such as the PTA, will plan a fundraiser, but the school community (principals, teachers, administrators, etc.) doesn’t share the same enthusiasm. For a fundraiser to be successful, you must have the support of your school, especially the principal. Include them from the get go. Get them on board early and develop a plan together. There’s always a bit of politics involved, but you’ll see the results if you get the support from the entire school community.

Poor Communication. Lack of communication within your group as well as outside your group will always cause issues. You must be on the same page with your group and everyone must be aware of the fundraising game plan. Weekly email updates and an active Facebook page can help your cause. Be vocal at your group meeting and events to make sure everyone is aware of the plan. Also, make sure you are aware of the other fundraisers going on in your community so there are no conflicts.

Little to no promotion. This goes without saying, but you must successfully promote your fundraiser. Some groups think fundraisers will run themselves and the community support will be automatic. That assumption has been the downfall of many fundraisers. This is not the case for most groups. Make sure you get the word out! Parent letters, posters, emails, social networking, and information tables at events and so on.


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