Fundraising Mission Statement

Mission Statement Fundraising Mission StatementHow to develop a clear message for your supporters

One of the main keys with running a successful fundraiser is getting your message across to your supporters. There’s a reason your group is raising funds and the reason needs to be clearly conveyed to your community. You’re likely to get more support from your community if your message is understood. That’s why your group should develop a “Mission Statement”.

What is a fundraising mission statement? The mission statement should simply state why your group is doing the fundraiser and how any raised funds will be used. Is your school in need of a new playground? Are you raising funds for a field trip to New York City? Or maybe to replace the audio system in the school auditorium? Whatever the case may be, the more people understand why you’re raising money, the more successful your endeavor will be.

Make sure each member of your group understands the primary message and can properly convey it to your supporters. This is an important point. I’ve seen too many situations where the members weren’t 100% sure of why they were doing the fundraising. Each participant is an ambassador to your group and should be able to spread you’re groups message and goals. Even participants in an elementary school fundraiser should know how to convey your group’s message.

Promote your mission statement any chance you get. Make sure you mention the M.S. on any posters, parent letters, newsletters, parent events and social media outlets promoting your fundraiser. This is your chance to tell you group’s story. Take advantage of every opportunity available to you. The more you do, the more your fundraiser will benefit.


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