Fundraising Burn Out – Yes, It’s Real.

cartoon pulling my hair out1 219x300 Fundraising Burn Out – Yes, It’s Real.Fundraising Burn Out – Yes, It’s Real.

The holiday break is upon us. For most actively involved school parents, the break from school related activities is very much need. The break from school fundraisers is also enthusiastically welcomed in most households. We have well documented fundraising fatigue over the years, but it can’t hurt to review the main points:

- Limit the number of fundraisers.

- Set firm goals and deadlines.

- Avoid competing with neighboring schools.

- Rotate volunteers.

But we’ve got a few more helpful tips to add since the original fundraising fatigue article was written:

Embrace social media marketing. Yes, Facebook and Twitter are your friends when it comes to promotion. A simple post or “tweet” will take seconds to do. The old way of weekly parent letters, assemblies and PA announcements are still useful, but that takes time and energy. With the ease of social networking, promoting fundraisers are more effective and it easier.

Have seasonal fundraising chair people. Organizing a fundraiser can be challenging, as many of you already know. We think it’s incredibly tough to do it for a whole year. We believe that there should be 2 or even 3 fundraising chairs for the year. One in the fall, one in the winter and one in the spring. This will bring fresh energy and ideas to the table, as well as help burning out your volunteers.

Online fundraisers and home delivery. The need for traditional fundraisers such as cookie dough and flower bulbs will always be there. But there are plenty of fundraisers that are online based and the products are delivered right to your customers. This means no distribution and fewer headaches. Of course the challenge is finding the right online fundraiser that works for your group, but once you do, it will be a lifesaver.


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