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Why we became a national school fundraising company has worked with thousands of schools and non-profit organizations throughout the country and has prided ourselves with developing long term relationships. Many of our customers are curious about our company’s history and how we got involved with school fundraisers. There were many steps involved in how we came about. The most important factor was that we saw a void in the fundraising industry that was needed and we were more than happy to fill it.

Before the internet, school fundraising was a much regionalized industry. It consisted of “mom and pop” companies that had their own regions of the country that they focused on. They would service a few dozens of schools in their area and they would rarely venture out of their region. Or the companies that were national, had sales reps that just focussed on their specific region, so they were operating the same way as the “mom & pops”. Their reach was limited for various reasons. Also, they tended to focus on servicing only the larger elementary schools and middle schools in their area. They viewed high schools and smaller groups within these schools as a low priority. This is where enters the picture.

We viewed ALL groups that were in need of fundraising, no matter the size, a priority. We developed fundraising programs that would work for all groups. Our fundraisers work for schools over 1000 participants and for school groups of less than 20 participants. Also, we avoid regional programs. Our products are designed to work in every state in the continental United States. Our broad approach to fundraising was welcomed by schools and non-profits throughout the country. Our focus is on offering quality fundraising products at a reasonable price with the school still keeping a good percentage of the sales. We’ve stayed true to this core philosophy and will continue to do so. We are pleased with our role in the industry and look forward to working on school fundraisers for many years to come!